Donation drives Crater High toward the future

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The latest arrival at Crater School of Business Innovation and Science is an environmentally conscious California transplant with a revealing frame.

It’s a $36,000, three-wheeled electric vehicle chassis. It only seats two, but it was designed and brought to Central Point to teach the next generation of technicians, ecologists, even graphic designers.

The vehicle, awarded by the Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition, will serve as just that — a vehicle — to expand career and technical education opportunities for Crater students. The coalition, which focuses on reducing dependence on foreign oil and increasing awareness of alternative fuels, decided to give it to a school as part of its own education and outreach goals, said Mike Quilty, Central Point city councilor and RVCCC member.

“The general public doesn’t necessarily understand the differences between propane, natural gas, renewable natural gas, hybrid battery electric vehicles. They want to get in a car and go from point A to point B ,” Quilty said.

In addition, he said, students should know they can be a part of building new pathways forward.

“So much vocational education has come out of our high schools,” he said. “We’re trying to put a little back in.”

This also speaks to the vision behind Crater’s interest in initiatives such as the electric vehicle. The foundation of the School of Business Innovation and Science, according to its website, “rests on real-world applications and technology.” Crater is one of several schools in the Rogue Valley looking to bolster CTE in high schools.

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