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The Switch is designed to move people into another world, a world of voluntary simplicity, respect for the environment and the needs of others. 
Our Story

Our Story

Our kits spark the innate human capacity to create and innovate. Once the base is put together, there are endless upgrades & modifications you can add. The sky’s the limit!
The Workshop

The Workshop

We make and weld all of the parts of our electric vehicle kits in our workshop located in Sebastopol, CA. The kit includes the chassis, DC drive system, battery, all required wiring, lights, seat, seatbelt, windscreen, and instructions.
The Vision

The Vision

We are striving to build and market useful, sporty, safe, affordable electric vehicles while advancing electric vehicle education to create green employment locally and globally.

experts behind the Switch

Our founders have backgrounds in EV instruction as adjunct faculity within the California Junior College system and in the EV product development world.
  • James McGreen
    James McGreen Co-Founder
  • Peter Oliver
    Peter Oliver Co-Founder

SWITCH- Inside Out.

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