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Testimonials from students and instructors, an in-depth look at the Switch EV, plus sample lectures and lessons! Everything you need to know about the Switch is right here.

Josef Antolin Testimonial

Teacher, Automotive Technology & Small Engines at Adrian Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, CA

Healdsburg Middle School

The SWITCH Lab (TM) Students build a full size, road worthy electric vehicle in their classroom. We teach the teacher, then they teach the students.

Peter Oliver, Co-Founder

All about the Switch Lab!

Lompoc High School

Students build the Switch in their classroom and take it for a test drive.

Switch Assembly Time-Lapse

See a complete EV Assembled in 15 Seconds.

James McGreen, Co-Founder

Discover the story behind Switch and why we should all #GoElectric.

Instructor, University of Malaysia

Lecturer in Electrical Engineering shares his views of the Switch Lab.

Learn About All of the EV Parts

With Peter Oliver, Co-Founder

Instructor, Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA

“Invaluable, the week went really fast, there was so much to learn.”

Battery Management Systems Components

Here we see a short lecture reviewing BMS sensor boards.

Sample Lecture Power Point

Here we see a short LAB assignment instructing students to build a circuit to prevent and EV from operating while charging.

The Perspective of Students

Students from Venture Academy speak about their experience in a special one week summer program.

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