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Our workshops aim to inform and inspire you to best understand the concepts and fundamentals of electric vehicle transportation. All of our sessions include a mix of lecture and hands on fun. You will actually build the same EV you will use in class!


4-Day Workshop

*Workshops have been approved for California CE credit for teachers.

Build an entire vehicle including EV component training, basic electricity, wiring and mechanics.

• 4 Day program to learn EV design and construction

• Learn about EV components

• Lecture in the morning build a SWITCH EV in the afternoon

• Lectures are actual curriculum designed for discussion

• Several demonstrations and additional lab projects

• Sources of additional materials and class projects are included

Total Cost: $1,995

Upcoming Instructor Workshop Dates:

March 11-14:  Held at Niles West High School, Chicago, IL

April 8-11, 15-18:  Switch Vehicles, Inc., Sebastopol, CA

May 20-23:  Switch Vehicles, Inc., Sebastopol, CA

June 17-20: TBD                         July 15-18: TBD

Aug 5-8: Switch Vehicles, Sebastopol, CA

Sept 23-26: Sebastopol, CA

Partner training workshops are held the two days after each instructor workshop at no cost to the potential partner.  Call for information or see the web site at: https://www.theswitchlabpartner.com/ .

4-Day Workshop Schedule

Workshop Hours: 8:30AM – 5:30PM

Day 1:

EV Intro and Overview
Discuss Batteries


BMS Lecture
BMS Components
Start Balancing Charge


Chassis Build
Intro to Switch Install:
Swing Arm
Trailing Arms
Shock Absorbers
Pedal Assembly
Rear Brake Line
Discussion: Maintenance Adjustments
Brake Fluid Options

Day 2:

Review Prior Day Q & A
Managing the class
Contactors and Relays


Circuits Watts & Wire
Design Circuit
Relay Exercises


Chassis Build
Install Components in Vehicle:
E-Brake & Switch
Brake Sender
Running Lights
Head Lights
Wiring Looms
Steering Shaft & Wheel
Bleed Brakes

Day 3:

Review Prior Day Q & A
EV Components


EV Battery
Q & A
Examine Switch Wiring
High Voltage
Control Box
BB Wiring


Chassis Build
Low Voltage Wiring
Dash Board
LV Wiring Panel
Control Box
Install Dash in Switch
Mount Motor on Swing Arm
Mount Sprockets
Mount Chain Tensioner
Mount Chain guard

Day 4:

Chassis Build
Front Battery Box Charger & Shunt
Install LV Panel
Cycle Analyst
Connect Dash and LV
Install Batteries & BMS
Install Control Box
Install Seat & Seat Belt


Connect Control Box to:
Battery Box
Rear Light wiring
Low Voltage Panel
Discuss and Perform start-up routine
Continue Building and Installing Seats, Running lights etc.
Front end alignment
Test Drives

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